Satellite EP Launch
Tim Chmielewski

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GIT Satellite EP Launch
Planet Cafe Upstairs
Friday 8th October 2004
with special guests Tess McKenna & Barry Stockley, Matt Walker & Ashley Davies

What can I say? The big show I went to where GIT played had a heap of people there, but I didn't know anyone except some of the people on stage. This one was much different as I knew most of the people there and the whole mood of the show was different.

I was also happy to see Sophie Spinster doing to DJing for the night as I hadn't seen her since the Ramblin' Jack show.

Tess McKenna & Barry Stockey played first. I don't envy any performer who has to start first when not many people have arrived, but I thought they played very well. A friend of the Tess also sung on a couple of songs which were really good.

Matt Walker & Ashley Davies played to an appreciative crowd and some screaming fans (mostly Matt's daughter.) It was fun seeing the girls dancing as they seemed to be enjoying themselves and helped encourage some of the adults to get up and dance.

For some reason I thought GIT were already wearing the clothes they were playing in, I couldn't have been more wrong. WOW! They wore the matching red sequined red dresses from the Satellite video clip and Phil wore the snappy brown pinstriped suit.

I thought I knew all the songs GIT play during their set, but I was surprised to see them play "Rock a Bye Boogie" which I don't remember hearing it before. Seeing them play with a guest drummer and extra guitar player really adds to their songs and I hope they keep doing it.

I wasn't planning on staying long after the show, but as I was planning on walking into the city to catch a taxi I wasn't in a hurry. Before I left I got everyone from GIT to sign my CD (including Phil which some people forget to do) and had a chat with a couple of people.