GIT Groupie


From the EP Satellite released by GIT in 2004.

(Trish Anderson)

Well you're a big star
And I'm just a satellite
Flying 'round your brightness and gravity
You're sucking me in, into the light
Spinning round on a dizzy angle
Circumnavigating your eyes
I'm fried
I'm fried

You've got pull
Resistance is futile
But satellite gazing can beguile

I sparkle in your starlight
a starlight

Backing for this verse: Shu be doo wup, Shu be doo wup...
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have the star
I want tonight

And if I can't
Then I want out
But round I go again...

Around I go again...

Orbiting, I wonder if you know I
I want to land and touch what I can see
I want to land, I'm out here on my own dear
I can't resist your o-o-o-o-zone...

Well I've tried
I've tried...
I've tried...

And I'm fried....