GIT Groupie

Rosstown Hotel, 29th May 2004

This gig was one of firsts for me as it was the first time I had come back from my parents in the middle of the weekend just to go to a gig and also the venue is just up the road for me so I didn't take long to get there (I used to live just around the corner.)

I have seen quite a few gigs there including Dave Graney, The Prayerbabies, Rebecca Bernard and Even so I knew what to expect from the venue. This would have to be one of the few places where having the pokies in one room was good idea as it means the drinks are cheaper and there is no cover charge on the bands.

As usual the gig was a great and special guest was Alex Burns on lap steel which was great as Honey Tree sounded the same as the EP version when they played it (a nice change.)

Also good was the dancers up the front, except for one who fell over and knocked the microphone into Trish's mouth - OW!

This is their last solo gig in Melbourne until September this year, but I hope they play at the same venue in the future as I liked it.