GIT Groupie


The following photos are from some of the gigs I have seen GIT perform at. They are part of the Photos section of my site as I want to leave the older photos where they are for now. Any newer photos will be available in this section of the site.

at the Doot with the Re-Mains - 16th June 2005
at the Rosstown Hotel - 14th May 2005
at the Retreat Hotel - 10th April 2005

Satellite EP Launch - 8/10/2004
at the Retreat Hotel with special guests - 12th September 2004
UpRRRooted RRR FM Benefit at the Palace (several apperances) - 14th June 2004
at the Retreat Hotel (large photos) - 9th May 2004
at the Retreat Hotel - 18th April 2004
with Ramblin' Jack Elliot at the Corner Hotel - 31st March 2004
Matthew Ryan's farwell gig at the Lomond Hotel - 18th March 2004
Cry Baby Session at the Tote - 22nd March 2004
GIT at the Lomond Hotel - 8th February 2004

GIT's last residency gig for 2003 - At the Old Colonial
Johnny Cash Tribute - GIT is featured towards the end.
GIT at the Old Colonial Hotel

If you have any photos that you have taken at one of GIT's gigs, but can't find anyway to host them, please do not hesitate to send them in and I will put them on this site.

Video clips available here