GIT Groupie

Jeff Lang at the Corner Hotel

Friday, 30th July 2004
with Angus Diggs, Grant Cummerford & Tim Hall

Special Guests:
GIT, Matt Walker, CW Stoneking & Headbelly Buzzard

Before the show I went to Zesty Kebabs & Cafe which is near the Corner of Swan & Church Sts. It is also 100% Halal "thank YOU!" I recommend the "meal of the day" if you would like something different than just a kebab.

One of the many great things about GIT is that they get along so well with other bands. If they do a support act for another group or play with them, then that band will be excellent - four from four now!
(At least who I have seen them play with: Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Lil' Fi & now Jeff Lang.) Also all the bands they played with at the RRR UpRRRooted benefit, but that is too many to count.

I hadn't heard of Jeff Lang before, but as other acts have proved that doesn't count for much. Same thing tonight.

First up was CW Stoneking on the side stage. I have seen him before and he plays such a unique style of old time blues it will be great when his new CD comes out.

I was surprised that Jeff Lang started his set so early, I would have thought he would have waited until last and played two sets with a gap in the middle. That is not all that surprised me as GIT featured as backing singers for his first three songs.

Jeff Lang should be know as 'the man with 1000 guitars' as he was able to play such a variety of songs and so well too. His backup band and Tim Hall in particular were exceptional and they really seemed to get into it.

GIT also got to do some of their own songs during the first and second sets. My favourite was Hawaiian War Chant with Jeff Lang accompanying on the slide guitar.

After such an energetic first set, it was good to have Headbelly Buzzard to come on for a bit of a break. They play a more traditional mostly instrumental bluegrass style of music and have a residency at a pub in Fitzroy. I liked the cover of their CD with the granny playing the banjo.

I wasn't going to buy the CD at the gig, but half way through the Jeff's second set I was ready to get my credit card out and buy all seven CDs that he has released (they didn't take them - doh!) I finally bought the CD after a massive instrumental break in one of the songs that had the whole crowd cheering.

By the end of the night my feet were hurting, but still I didn't want to leave. After Jeff finished the second encore (which was really great) I popped next door to the pizza place and bought 1/4 of a pizza. Food like that always tastes better late at night.

As there was still a few people waiting for a taxi, I went back inside and got Tim Hall & Jeff Lang to sign my CD. It was surprising how short he was as he seemed like a giant on stage.

Suzannah from GIT was dissapointed that I didn't bring my camera to this gig, but my parents are taking it overseas so I don't have it for a month.

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