GIT Groupie

Honkytonk Angels

26th November 2003, Prince Bandroom, St Kilda

After arranging for a day off at the last minute after GIT said they wanted me to come at their gig on Sunday, I arrived at the Prince of Wales early only to have to go wait in the pub.

I hadn't been to the Prince Bandroom before so after talking to Suzannah and Trish from GIT at the merchandise stand I had a look around. I really liked the toilets as the textured wall covering means you can feel your way to the cubicle in the dark.

The DJ for the evening was Denise Hylands who has a radio show where she plays swinging country tunes. This is what she did tonight and I managed to get over to talk to her about her new Sunday residency that she said will get a lot more people to it now that GIT are going on tour.

Kerri Simpson

I saw Kerri do a set on Sunday at GIT's last residency for the year, but it was good to see her tonight. Her style is a lot more hard edged than many other female artists and it was fitting that she had a duet with Suzannah from GIT as they go well together.

Rebecca Barnard (with Shane O'Mara)

Rebecca mainly played non-country songs which was strange, including a Neil Young song (I swear some musicians in Melbourne are going to dine out for months on the fact that they were on stage with him at his latest concert.)

I used to see her play at the Rosstown Hotel in Carnegie when I lived near there so it was good to see her play live again.

Cyndi Boste

Cyndi reminded me of Kerri somewhat, but her set was more of a rockin' affair with someone coming in on the drums. I will have to check her out if she plays in a pub near me as the bands only had short 1/2 sets tonight so couldn't play that much.



They played all their own songs, except for the last song of their set which is always Ring of Fire. It may have just been that there were three of them, but they were the only band that seemed to fill the room with just the sound of them singing.

As I am most used to seeing them in a lounge bar set-up in a pub, it was great to see them up on the stage with a decent sound system that they didn't have to put up themselves. The audience was certainly very appreciative and Rebecca Barnard even ran up to the stage when they finished to beg them to sing one more song (Hawaiian War Chant.)

I saw some people leave after GIT finished, which was a shame, but even if you did it still would have been a good night.

Barb Waters

I have heard Barb Waters played on RRR FM fairly regularly, but have never seen her live so I was looking forward to her set. Her band is very interesting as it includes a keyboard/piano accordion, slide guitar, drums and her on guitar.

Sarah, Trish and Suzannah from GIT also joined her on stage for one song which was really good.

I will definitely have to look her up in the future so I can go to one of her gigs and see the full set.

The big finale of the night involved everyone who had played getting on stage to "Waiting for my factory girl" and "Honkytonk Angels" which were great.

It was a pity that more people didn't turn up (it was the middle of the week), but the people who were there appreciated it so it seemed like there were more people. I wish Sophie Best (the promoter) could have been there as she put a lot of work into organising the gig and couldn't come as she was sick.

I was glad I went as it is my last chance to see GIT play for the year as they are going on tour and I won't be in Melbourne when they play two gigs at the Corner Hotel just before Christmas.