GIT Groupie

Honey Tree

From an EP release by GIT called Sweet, also features on their live album.
(Trish Anderson)

When Time is lost and I'm climbing walls
My happiness lost and defenses fall
When my spirit is grieving for the distant to call
And I've all but stopped believing that it will come at all
Then I wish...

I could climb the honey tree
Branches swaying in the breeze
Cares and worries down below
Sweet, smooth and mellow
Sitting in the honey grove

When hope is gone and little is heard
And all that's left of this song are just meaningless words
When your feet aren't willing to carry you on
You can close your eyes to all that's bad and wrong
And You you'll wish...


When peace has come, has come at last
And tears have ceased to flow,
Fear's committed to the past,
I'll throw my worries to the wind and go on to the grove
And then...