GIT Groupie

Anzac Day 2004 at the Retreat Hotel

I found out today that GIT are not going to do a long residency like last year so it was good that I went today as I have decided to go see another band next week and I wouldn't have found that out otherwise.

Even though I arrived early, I was surprised to find that pub packed out already (there was a birthday party going on.) At least I found a seat with a good view this time.

As I didn't have much money last week, I made a point of ordering the "Retreat double beef burger" except with extra bacon instead of beetroot. Mmmm! TASTY! Also why doesn't anyone else take their plate back to the kitchen when they finish? People won't knick your seat if you leave your bag on it.

This residency is also good for people who don't want to stay out too late on a Sunday night as they start almost on five and finish about 7.30pm. Even if you get the tram home you will still won't be out that late (unless you want to stay and see the band Roadhouse.)

Some people are getting confused about my relationship with GIT also, one bloke today asked me if I was doing an email newsletter for them. For the record I have no role in the management of the band or it's website at this stage.

My dinner - (JPEG, 85kb)
Closeup of bacon! - (JPEG, 121Kb)