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GIT LIVE! The Rising Sun Sessions

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A live album recorded at a now closed pub called the Rising Sun in North Carlton where GIT played their residency for three years prior to the Old Colonial Inn where they play now.

1. Just a Closer Walk With The - 5:41 (P.D.)
- A slow song to start the album off

2. Red Velvet - 2:56 (P.D.)
- Boogie Woogie!

3. Fenders - 4:01 (P. Anderson)
- A sexy song that compares cars with people

4. Tumblin' Tumbleweeds - 2:47 (Nolan)
- A lovely slow song with good harmonies

5. Walkin' in Jerusalem - 2:02 (P.D.)
- An excellent accepella song that was asked for at the gig I went to.

6. Move Along Train - 4:10 (Staples)
- A very haunting song from the girls

7. If I could hear my mother pray again - 2:16 (Staples)
- A traditional sounding country song

8. Pre song rave...(band banter)
- Gives a small sample of the chat the band has during their gigs

9. When You're Gone - 6:15 (S. Espie)
- An excellent song from Suzannah

10. I Believe in the Man in the Sky - 2:10 (Trad, arr:Elvis)
- Also very good

11. Honey Tree - 3:27 (P. Anderson)
- A song based on Winne the Pooh! Yes it's true!

12. Nobody Here with Me - 3:49 (S. Carroll)
- Another slow song to mix things up

13. Waiting for You - 2:17 (P. Anderson)
- A happy and cheerful song about breaking up reminds me of an Elvis Costello song that starts "Thank you for the flowers..."

14. That's What's Wrong with the Church Today - 3:19 (The Consoling Clouds of Joy)
- I was worried this would be a Bible basher's song but it was very good

15. Tents'n'Tucker...(band banter)
- the band talking about staying at the festival

16. Wasteland - 4:11 (Riders in the Sky)
- An excellent song

17. Ring of Fire - 2:54 (June Carter Cash)
- Who doesn't know what this song is about?

18. Lippy Rave...(band banter)
- I wish there was more talking on this album

19. If I could hear my mother pray again ('rearrangement')
- I think this is meant to be the original version of the song but it sounds weird.