GIT Groupie

GIT Flowers CD launch

Corner Hotel, Melbourne
02:37 26/07/2003

I know it's late, but I want to write this before my memory of the night and Suzannah's lipstick on my cheek fade and I don't get everything I want to remember.

I had bought their new CD "Flowers" last weekend at their residency in Fitzroy, but I have been excited about going to their CD launch all week.

The night started out with a surprise as I had thought I would be going by myself as I had planned to go with Claudine, but she had other plans. When I got home I found an instant message flashing saying that she wanted to come. I can't remember what I said that made them change her mind, but I am glad that she did come.

We had arranged to meet at a pub on Swan street (originally for dinner, but I changed my mind). The name of the hotel is Vaucluse and what I remember most is the CHEAP Vodka & Orange drinks (I only had a few!) and the meat raffle that the person I was with thought didn't happen any more. As I didn't want to be carrying a load of meat around all night I didn't buy a ticket.

After dinner at a very nice Indian restaurant (which became deserted while we were in there) we walked down to the Corner Hotel to wait for the doors to open.

I would have like to introduce Claudine to all the people from GIT, but I had to settle for pointing them out when they first came on stage.


This front man of this band seemed to be very serious at first, but he loosened up during the set and played some good songs with his interchangeable band members. One of the better songs was "seven sided dice" which is not about a D&D game as you would expect.

Chris Wilson & Shannon Bourne

God dammit! How am I going to be able to afford going to GIT and Chris Wilson each week? Either I need to start visiting the Colonial Inn twice a week or I have to find one of his CDs to play at home.

There were many whoops and hollers during the "train" song and you would think Shannon Bourne would break his guitar the way he plays sometimes. Chris also threatened to only play ABBA during the disco if people didn't dance during one of his songs.

I also liked the song where they stopped to let someone take their picture. I don't know how, but it made the song even better.

"GIT, Melbourne's answer to someone not from Melbourne!"

As I told Claudine, I so much wanted someone to go see GIT with me that I put a request in my profile on an online personals site (and paid money to be able to contact people.) Tonight would have to be the best gig of theirs I have seen due to the venue and the big crowd attending.

GIT and their management really went to a lot of trouble to prepare for the gig and it was well worth it. It was strange seeing someone else set up the microphones and tune Trish's guitar, but I am used to seeing them at them play their residency in the pub at Fitzroy. (The publican from that bar turned up tonight which was really good.)

Their plan for the night was to play their entire new album, with the twist being that they played their last track as the first song. It was that Claudine had to leave after only a few songs to catch the train - I was talking to Trish from the band later and she said it's a joke that a city like Melbourne has public transport that stops at 12am.

I saw a lot of familiar faces from the bands other gig and was surprised to turn around at one point and see Mick Molloy in the crowd - at least he has good taste in music.

I hope the videos they made of the night turn out as it would be good to see what it looks like on tape and if they release the video I get picture to go along with the music.

Afterwards I talked to the band while they were signing CDs. They all thanked me for coming and even Matt seemed talkative for a change.

Chris Wilson's Shit Disco

Chris Wilson and a friend put on the best "shit disco" I have heard as it was really fun. I probably didn't really need to stay this late as I had already talked to GIT and I can't dance but it was funny to watch the two DJ's playing around and seeing the reaction of the crowd when they put on something no one wanted to dance to.

Mick Molloy also left the bar for one song to have a dance which is saying something. I am just not sure what though.


For a different perspective of the night, here's what Claudine thought of it.