GIT Groupie

Burning Ring of Banjos

22:58 29/06/2003

Popular Melbourne country band GIT are well known for ending their shows with the song Ring of Fire. The way they finished at their show this week was a little different however.

Due to one of the band members being late and their being more than a few musicians in the audience they played Ring of Fire with the following line up:
2 normal banjos - Susanah Espie & another bloke I forgot
electric banjo - Chris Ryan
2 guitars - Sarah Caroll & another bloke I forgot
electric bass guitar - Trish Anderson
double bass - Matt Ryan
mouth organ, vocals & swearing about banjos - Chris Wilson

I doubt it is something I will see again and it made me really glad that I was there this week.

Chris & Matt Ryan and some other bloke played a pretty good fill-in set while they were waiting for Trish. I liked Chris' joke:
Q: Why did they invent electric banjos?
A: So you can turn them down.