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Roadie for a night...

23:46 24/08/2003
GIT & The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons @ The Corner Hotel

Due to film festivals, band tours and illness I have been unable to see GIT do their usual show at the Old Colonial Inn on Sunday afternoons. I was surprised that they were so happy to see me and decided to take up Suzannah's offer of a lift down to the Corner Hotel if I wanted to come see them play with the Sensitive New Age Cowpersons.

I was surprised to see everyone had a haircut or dyed their hair (luckily not Suzannah as her her is nice enough already.) I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised as it had been a while since I had seen them.

As they were giving me a lift in the GIT-mobile, the least I could do was help them carry some stuff across Brunswick St (and in the back door of the Corner Hotel once we got there.) It was lucky I did get a lift as if I had tried to use public transport, GIT would have finished their set by the time I arrived.

For those of you who haven't been there, there is an excellent pizza place next to the Corner Hotel. This is where I had dinner and a chat to another long-time fan of GIT (Wazza!) I suspect the pizza would taste even better at 3am in the morning after a big show.

The first thing I noticed about tonight's audience where that they were very quiet. Also it seemed to be mostly older people. Tonight's gig was a bit different to the CD launch for GIT as the room was smaller, but I did get to hear some songs they didn't have time to play at their earlier show due to them having to leave early.

The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons looked really good with their country shirts that had the usual tassels and sequins for extra flashiness. They play in a Bluegrass style but are more a fun-type band who don't take themselves too seriously.

Their on-stage personas where great too - "Calamity" Jim with a big sombrero and bigger mouth, Stan Pede the hard-rockin' hillbilly, "Kid" Simpson and "Doc" Adams who hammed it up on "Howzat!" and the Bee Gees song.

Some of the best songs were Bluegrass versions of popular songs from Sherbet, ABBA, Bee Gees, Andrew Lloyd Webber and some other favourites.

Another interesting piece was their impersonation of the main street buskers at Tamworth during the country music festival. The most impressive instrumental was the one where one of them had to answer a phone call and they ended up playing each others instruments as well as their own as they passed it along (you have to see it to really get what they did.)

A funny part of the set was their impression of a serious bluegrass band. This is because it seemed to get a bigger reaction than some of their other songs.

The closest I have seen to this band's style in the past is Hayseed Dixie, but I like this band better as they do a bigger variety of songs and they are not so serious about their music (no one walked off this stage due to sound problems.)

If the band takes off in the future I reckon it will be for their "alternative" Australian national anthem. It contains the lyrics for every other popular Australiana song you can think of. Also the bluegrass version of the real national anthem they did at the end was great.

Once again I must thank GIT for suggesting that I go see this band, giving me a lift and putting my name on the door as it would have been difficult for me to get there if I didn't. I even bought two of SNAC's CDs from the gig.