GIT Groupie

Old Colonial, 14th September 2003

"I toddled off to the Old Colonial Inn in Fitzroy to
see two alt-country bands. The first one was Sunshine
Harvester, a trio who play old timey bluegrass stuff
(acoustic guitar/banjo/mandolin/double bass), they
mainly did covers of traditional and bluegrass songs
but did a few originals. The lead singer/guitarist was
the lovely Moana who had a beautiful voice and an even
more beautiful vintage Maton Country Jumbo from 1956.
Her boyfriend Leo did the banjo and mandolin duties
while another guy played the double bass. They
impressed me a lot, their music brought a big smile to
my face as well as the others who were there.
Afterwards was GIT whom I've seen many times before.
They were fantastic as usual, they did all their faves
including "The World is full of Beautiful Men", "This
Old House" and that song that namechecks Johnny Depp
and his movie "Cry Baby". As a tribute to Johnny Cash
they did their now famous rendition of Ring of Fire
which they did beautifully. During their set they
invited someone to come on stage to sing a football
theme song, so yours truly volunteered and I sang
accapella the Brisbane Lions theme song, both the
Brisbane and Fitzroy versions. I got two free drinks
as a reward. It was a great evening."

regards, Craig Pittendrigh