GIT Groupie

Autumn Love

From an EP release by GIT called Sweet
(Sarah Carroll)

I was feeling cold and lonely one frosty April night
I was loosely bound by circumstance, my man was not in sight
Sp I went down to a place at the back of the town I call my life
Where the guitars sang so sweetly I forgot I was his wife

Oh Autumn love bitter as the wind that strips the trees
And you can see the bleeding hearts lying there among the leaves
When lovers come together in that hazy golden light
It's just to keep each other warm through winters chilly nights

There were thirty other people whose eyes I couldn't meet
and one boy of twenty who lived across the street
There was darkness in his welcome smile and beauty in his face
He led me in a dance of love, I led him to disgrace


Now winter's here for certain with sleet and hail and rain
and soon my darling husband will come back home again
His touch will warm and comfort me but will it be enough
To wipe away all traces of my wicked Autumn Love?