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The Re-Mains & GIT

The Doot
16th June 2005


I had been looking forward to this gig for weeks as I had already planned to take a day off so I could stay until the end and not have to get up early the next day. As I go all over Melbourne to go see bands, I am used to going to new venues and it didn't bother me in the least that it took about 1&1/2 hours to get to the venue (I wouldn't even be trying if I hadn't thought of at least two different ways to get there.)

Next time I will give the tram the flick at the route 57 twists and turns through North Melbourne at just about every intersection and the train station is literally just across the road (it's on the Broadmeadows line so the train is usually cancelled.) The best thing about knowing how to get there beforehand was that I was able to get my friend to come by giving her directions on the phone (she doesn't do Melways.)

The bar staff at the Doot are really friendly and were talking to me even before I bought my first drink and knew what drink to get me thereafter (probably why I drank more than I thought I would.) If I go to see another band there I will get there a bit earlier and order dinner as the waitress was quite pretty.

I had seen a couple of blokes from the Re-mains walking down the street before the gig, but they didn't notice me. It turns out that they had just driven 10 hours from Bega on the Southern Coast of NSW to the gig so they were acting up by the end. I did get to talk to Mick Daley and give him a CD of the photos I took at their last gig at the Retreat which was great.

My favourite part of the night was going out the front to wait for my friend to arrive and that she got there just as the Re-mains were starting. My friend has been sick this week and I am sure that seeing the bands tonight really cheered her up.

The Re-mains played a really great set considering all the driving they had done on the day and really started to warm up towards the end. It would have been great if they had done two sets, but it is just their first night in Melbourne so this was a warm up gig for them.

If you are in a band then I highly recommend playing with the Re-mains one time as it is like having another dozen boisterous crowd members cheering you on. GIT's set was much faster and funnier due to the comments from the band and appreciation shown by the crowd that included the band.

Special guest double-bass player for the night was Grant Cummerford from Jeff Lang's band (who was also in the audience.) A semi-regular member of GIT, Chris Tabone was on drums for the night which added quite a lot to their performance.

The comments the crowd made during their set were really funny, the strangest being "ADULT CONTEMPORARY!" from Jeff Lang (the comeback from Suzannah was equally funny.) The other Mick from the Re-Mains started up the "SOUUUL! BLUUUES!" chant and howled at various times. They said they were going straight to bed, but I think they went on and partied the night away afterwards.

The next gig for the Re-mains is at the Retreat Hotel tonight (Friday 17th June 2005) with Suzannah Espie & The Last Word which should be really great (I would like to go, but I am going home to my parents tomorrow morning.) I am definitely going to try and get to their gig on Sunday which is just down the road from me at the Elsternwick Hotel.

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