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GIT at the Retreat Hotel

Sunday, 10th April 2005
with special guests Matt Ryan on double bass and Chris Tabone on drums

I got a big surprise when I turned up at GIT's third and final residency at the Retreat Hotel, Ilana was on the door. I did go and get a seat in the audience, but I ended up sitting back with her when someone stole my seat on the couch (I thought I had put my coat there.)

Even though I couldn't see GIT play except for when I leaned back to look around the pillar, I couldn't complain as I got to sit with Ilana. I even helped her get some people pay as they walked straight past her and she didn't want to yell at them to come back. Also I shared a Tequila with her towards the end of her time on the door.

What could I say about this gig that I haven't already said before? Oh, yes. They did play "Hawaiian War Chant" to a couple of their friends once they got off stage which was fun to watch.

Thanks to Ilana who gave me a lift down to Nicholson Street in North Fitzroy and the more frequently running No. 96 tram line. I ended up being able to see a comedy festival show because of this.

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