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GIT -Rosstown Hotel

with special guests Chris Tabone & Alex Burns
Saturday, 14th May, 2005

I am used to travelling all over town to see GIT perform, so it was good to be able to travel only 15 minutes on the tram to see them at the next suburb over. When I lived in Murrumbeena, I used to go to the Rosstown Hotel all the time to see such acts as Rebecca Barnard, Dave Graney and Even. They do have poker machines, but they are off in another room and they do very good meals there.

As it was very busy in the dining room, I decided to spend a few minutes at the pokies and deliberately chose one with chilli peppers on it. Sticking to my rule of only playing $5 per machine, I quadrupled my money which was a nice change.

Before the gig I got to talk to some younger friends of Sarah's that she had bought along to the gig from Ocean Grove. One of them said it must be "awesome" being me as people would give me free stuff at gigs, I explained that it was not usually the case, only to be interrupted by someone giving me a free drink...

Hopefully I wasn't too boring for the kids to speak to. I can tell Jack enjoyed looking at some of my photos as he had a big grin on his face when he saw the shots of KK Juggy at the recent Machine Gun Fellatio gig.

Special guests for the night were Chris Tabone on drums and Alex Burns on pedal steel and guitar. Alex in particular was a great addition to the gig, with the highlight being his version of "A white sport coat" that I managed to get a recording of as Sarah said they wouldn't be doing it again.

As they are going to be busy from the next two months, I won't get to see them play again until August so it was great to see them. Thanks heaps to Trish for giving me a ride home also as it saved me from walking or getting a taxi.

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