GIT Groupie

So long GIT and thanks...

GIT - Matty's farewell gig

Even though I have enjoyed seeing GIT since 2003, I knew that they wouldn't be around forever as things change all the time and even if you are having the time of your life, after a while you feel that it is time to move on and do other things.

I have enjoyed seeing the various solo projects that the various members of GIT have been pursuing over the past year and I will continue to go see them and watch how they develop in their own right.

I am not someone who thinks a band 'owes' their fans anything so I am happy to see that GIT decided to call it a day when they were still having fun and would be remembered warmly by all their fans.

I almost forgot, here are the bands that each of the members of GIT are involved in:
The Junes - Sarah, Suzannah, Phil, Chris Tabone & Glennys Rae
Trish Anderson - Mrs Wainright
Suzannah Espie & The Last Word
Phil McLeod - Blue Grassy Knoll

Tim Chmielewski
17th July 2005